PHY531-532 Classical Electrodynamics

531 Problem Sets

  Problem Set 0
  Problem Set 1
  Problem Set 2
  Problem Set 3
  Problem Set 4
  Problem Set 5
  Problem Set 6

532 Problem Sets

  Problem Set 1
  Problem Set 2
  Problem Set 3
  Problem Set 4
  Problem Set 5

Notes, Codes and Applets

  Some Useful Books
  How to convert between units
  Scattering Applet
  Introduction to Numerical Methods
  Sums to Integrals and the infinite system limit
  Using A Transfer Matrix
  Surface integral fortran code
  The magnetic scalar potential of a current loop
  Green's functions for the driven harmonic oscillator and the wave equation
  Thomson Scattering
  Radiation from a Localized Current Source
  A Review of Spectral Resolution
  Scattering from a Conducting Cylinder
  Lienard-Wiechert potentials and the Larmor formula
  External magnetic field of a long solenoid
  Displacements and Time Delays by Wave Packet Analysis

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