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Schrödinger Applet

The Schrödinger Applet was designed as an undergraduate tool to be used in solving one-dimensional quantum bound state problems. It comes with an extensive readme file describing the procedures to download the applet and modify it, along with other technical issues.

The form of the Schrödinger Applet presented here was designed to be downloaded. The full download, available at our home site, contains all source code and extensive documentation, with compiled byte code. It is, therefore, quite large (13 Megabytes as an uncompressed tar file.) If you experience delays in using this as an Applet, you may consider downloading the original. It is publicly available under the the GNU General Public License.

The Schrödinger Applet was developed under Java 1.1, before mature IO operations were browser independent. If you have difficulty with printing or IO, consult the readme file.

With those caveats, you can go directly to the Applet.

The Applet is embedded in its own documentation, but as a first time user, you may find it convenient to print out the PDF documentation and keep it next to you as you go through that Applet.
Later, you can just open the applet in a window by itself.

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Schrödinger Applet readme file.