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Applet Algorithm

The Applet plots field lines and contour lines for 2-D geometries using conformal mapping. The basic geometry is the 2-D point (line) charge inside of a conducting circle. This is the initial default setting for the Applet and the first option in the Example menu.

By selecting from the Example menu or using a user-defined conformal mapping typed into the Transform box, the point charge and bounding surface are tranformed into other 2-D field and contour plots.

Panel Controls

The Panel for Conformal Mapping Applet provides input boxes that define the behaviors of the calculation and display as well as menus for File, Options, Examples and Help.

Five input boxes provide the basis for panel controls.

Input Controls

Plotter Window

The plot window displays the 2-D lines and contours based on the input parameters selected. Red lines are field lines and blue lines are equipotential lines. For more detail please see the HTML or Tex versions of the user manual distributed with this software.

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