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The Applet List

The Applets here are being provided as supplemental material to the NSF 00-63 CCLI proposal. They have been selected from those developed over the last few years as part of a collaboration between Kevin Schmidt and Michael Lee to use Java technology in teaching physics. These Applets do not all relate to electromagnetism and were not developed specifically in conjunction with the CCLI proposal. They are examples of what we have done and have been used in a fairly broad range of educational situations.

Some Applets are for simple visualization while others are almost at the level of a software tool for problem solutions. The Schrödinger Equation Solver Applet falls into this latter category. It was developed in this form for submission to the CIP Educational Software Contest in 1999, where it received some small accolade.

Further notes accompany each of the applets along with certain caveats associated with their use. These have evolved over time and do not all reflect current browser and Java technology. All future programming plans will employ Java 2(TM) and so will most closely resemble the Thin Wire Scattering applet.

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Michael A. Lee and Kevin E. Schmidt
July 1, 2000