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Yagi Antenna Modeler

This java applet implements a simple yagi antenna modeling code. The yagi antenna design is extensively used to increase the directionality of an antenna. The antenna is easy to build since the currents in the various elements are produced by mutual coupling to the fields of the other elements and do not require each each of the elements to be driven separately. These so-called parasitic elements are also commonly used on television antennas. This code was originally developed by one of us (KES) for distribution to the Amateur Radio Community.

For classroom use, this is primarily an illustrative tool, but it is quantitatively accurate and therefore of practical relevance to any Amateur Radio operator who builds antennas. A boundary element method is used to solve the boundary value problem given by the antenna elements.

It is recommended that the user review the documentation provided below the applet button and choose from some of the preselected antenna designs to get an introduction to the applet capabilities.

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Michael A. Lee and Kevin E. Schmidt
July 1, 2000